Sun Fat Textile Dyeing & Printing (Shaoxing) Co.,Ltd is a Hong Kong solely invested enterprise. We are experienced in textile. Our company was established in Hong Kong at 1978. We have been dealing with textile trading for more than 20 years and have been manufacturing textile for 5 years. Our factory is located in"Bin Hai Industrial Zone" in Shaoxing county,Zhejiang Province, China. The amount of capital currently invested in USD 18 million and we keep expanding our capacity yearly.
Our Auxiliaries Achieved Initial Success  2014-02-18
Our Peached Cotton & Nylon Poplin Obtained the Scientific Awards. [Pic]  2014-02-18
Sun Fat Won the Title of Excellent Oversea Chinese Investment Enterprise in Zhejiang. [Pic]  2014-02-18
Our Full-dull Stretch Satin Obtained the Scientific Awards. [Pic]  2014-02-18